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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

By Michaela Farkasovska || Dec 1, 2020

A saying resonated with me recently. It said that although this year we didn’t get everything we wanted, instead we now appreciate everything we have. I think it is true and I am very thankful. 🧡  As a way to express my gratitude, I am sharing my Annual Jewelry Gift Guide with gift ideas for you this Holiday. All picks are in Ready to Ship section and are available. I love wearing Florae stacking bands and X ring is my..

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

By Michaela Farkasovska || Dec 9, 2019

Wow is it already Holiday Season? It flew by faster than I could have imagined. If you are thinking about holiday gifts, below are few jewelry gift ideas  for you in Holiday Gift Guide. You might find that perfect gift for a loved one or even better, treat yourself. All jewelry is handmade, in solid 14k gold or sterling silver, heirloom worthy and wearable all year round. These picks are few of my favorites from all collections, they are  available and ready to ship. I..

How to Avoid Jewelry Theft When You Travel

By Michaela Farkasovska || Aug 23, 2019

We get it, you want to feel and look your best at vacation. The travel photos and memories stay with you. But traveling exposes even more risk to jewelry being stolen or misplaced. According to The Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, jewelry theft has more than doubled since 2015 and only 1% of lost jewelry get recovered. Planning ahead of your business trip or vacation will help you keep your jewelry safe. Top Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe When Traveling..

All About Diamonds Part Two

By Michaela Farkasovska || Aug 5, 2019

Ecommerce and online shopping have revolutionized the retail industry with more people opting to buy various things online, including diamond jewelry. Although buying online gives you access to extensive collections to choose from, it can be overwhelming whom to trust when buying online. What options do you have online when shopping for diamonds? Buying diamonds online from a reputable jeweler also guarantees that you won’t be working with brokers, further reducing costs. Lack of costly marketing campaigns is also key..