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Jewelry Care Instructions: All You Need to Know

By Michaela Farkasovska || Jul 11, 2019

Is it important to care for your jewelry? And, do you know how to care for your jewelry? The need to care for your jewelry goes without saying. Whether you own diamond, silver, fine or heirloom jewelry, it needs proper care. Even though some jewelry is created to last a lifetime, they can wear out due to various factors not limited to wear and tear. They fade over time despite initially looking beautiful. With proper handling, cleaning and wearing with..

My most beautiful place…

By Michaela Farkasovska || Nov 15, 2017

Home for me is Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. This small town, in the heart of Europe, is a natural wonderland full of meadows and hills, surrounded by a monumental mountain range called the Tatras. The beauty of the nature here captured my heart and I find it to be the most serene, inspiring and soul-nurturing place. I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up here. Every time I come back home, my love for this place and of course family and friends..

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