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How to Avoid Jewelry Theft When You Travel

By Michaela Farkasovska || Aug 23, 2019

We get it, you want to feel and look your best at vacation. The travel photos and memories stay with you. But traveling exposes even more risk to jewelry being stolen or misplaced.

According to The Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, jewelry theft has more than doubled since 2015 and only 1% of lost jewelry get recovered. Planning ahead of your business trip or vacation will help you keep your jewelry safe.

Top Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe When Traveling


Plan for a Travel Jewelry Case & Deposit Case

Whether you’re traveling with jewelry on a plane or the road, make plans to keep it safe. Jewelry cases, just like the one on the photo, will keep your jewelry untangled and intact.

For higher measures, plan to visit your bank to rent a temporary deposit box for your jewelry. Alternatively, find out if the hotel you intend to book has a safe or security box for your jewelry. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a few extra dollars to keep your precious jewelry safe.

Don’t Leave Your Jewelry Unattended

When traveling, never leave your jewelry unattended in your luggage, hotel room or car. Jewelry theft often occurs in car trunks where travelers keep their luggage. If possible, have your jewelry with you wherever you go.

Buy Jewelry Insurance

Most insurance companies don’t compensate for jewelry stolen from cars. Others may consider your jewelry as business property if you’re a jeweler. On the other hand, some insurers would only cover jewelry stolen from home studios.

With careful research, you can find an insurance company willing to cover your piece against loss or theft while traveling with jewelry. Although most insurers limit the amount of jewelry value they can cover, it’s a sure way to recover from a loss while traveling.

Travel with Certified Stones

It’s easier to track GIA-certified jewelry. Valuable jewelry is likely to be sent for re-certification, making it easy to find stolen certified jewelry that has been reported as missing.

Pack Smart When Traveling with Jewelry

Consider keeping your jewelry safe in different places when traveling. Store some in a carry-on shoulder bag. Lock your jewelry in your rolling luggage to keep them safe.

Even inside your luggage, keep them in different parts of your traveling bag or suitcase. But always have your sight on your bags.

Hide Your Jewelry on the Beach

Going for a beach trip? We recommend not to have your jewelry on when going swimming at all to prevent its damage but if you do, here is a simple tip to keep possible thieves away from your jewelry. Hide your jewelry in an empty sunscreen container or opaque water bottle. Thieves are more likely to reach for your bag than a bottle of sunscreen, making this a safe way to keep your jewelry hidden. Your phone, wallet, and keys could also go inside the same container.

Photos of your jewelry

Take photos of your jewelry before leaving for the trip to document them. The photos can help when making a police report in case of theft or loss. It also acts as proof of jewelry ownership.

Never post your jewelry images or photos of your house/whereabouts on social media. Don’t wear jewelry while swimming. And, if you must wear your jewelry, conceal them from the eyes of potential thieves.

Be cautious with your jewelry always to prevent loss through theft or misplacement so you can enjoy them for a long time. Contact us for more information on how to protect your jewelry during travel.


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