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One of a Kind Heirloom Engagement Ring

One of a kind engagement ring is custom made in Platinum and set with diamonds and blue sapphires. An original design which will become a future heirloom ring. Customer envisioned a heirloom piece for his future bride to be and we worked together to make his design a reality. I truly appreciate and commend him … Continue reading “One of a Kind Heirloom Engagement Ring”

Stars in the sky diamond pendant

Stars in the sky pendant features two diamond stars floating in the sky among clouds, custom made in 14k yellow gold. The Stars in the sky pendant is inspired by the strong bond between the two sisters and their sweet childhood story of one wanting to bring clouds for the other. I wanted to capture the … Continue reading “Stars in the sky diamond pendant”

Custom Luna Necklace

A customers’ favorite from our moon and stars collection, this moon necklace, Luna, was custom made in 14k yellow gold with two diamond stars representing their children. A customer wanted to personalize Luna necklace for his partner and loving mother of two children by adding another star to the original Luna necklace from our moon … Continue reading “Custom Luna Necklace”

Mothers’ Diamond Necklace

Mother’s Diamond necklace has names of children engraved in yellow and white gold. Necklace slides on a white gold chain. Beautiful heirloom custom made to become a family heirloom. Customer wanted to use her heirloom ring and heart necklace to redesign and create a necklace that’s she could wear everyday and preserve its meaning. Together … Continue reading “Mothers’ Diamond Necklace”

Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Ring set

Stunning wedding ring set with Salt and Pepper Diamonds and brilliant cut white diamonds custom made for a modern bride. The center salt and pepper diamond creates a stunning combination with the brilliant cut white diamonds set around it. The white diamonds bring out the pepper in each pear diamond even more. The matching wedding … Continue reading “Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Ring set”