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Custom Luna Necklace

A customers’ favorite from our moon and stars collection, this moon necklace, Luna, was custom made in 14k yellow gold with two diamond stars representing their children. A customer wanted to personalize Luna necklace for his partner and loving mother of two children by adding another star to the original Luna necklace from our moon … Continue reading "Custom Luna Necklace"

Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings custom made in 14k white gold for an athlete and true inspiration to myself and others. I loved learning about customer’s story of changing her own course in life. After learning how to cycle herself, she switched the carrier in the corporate world to a very meaningful one of changing peoples lives, by … Continue reading "Ruby Earrings"

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring custom made with children’s’ birthstones in white and rose gold.  Made in 14k white & rose gold, has an Aquamarine and a Ruby gemstones. Customer wanted to redesign the original Aquamarine ring and add another birthstone. The original ring’s gemstone was set too high and she wanted it to be more wearable. The … Continue reading "Birthstone Ring"

Rose Brooche Pin

Rose Gold Brooche Pin custom made from customer’s re purposed 14k Rose Gold. One of a kind brooche makes for a future heirloom jewelry. Customer entrusted me with her parent’s rose gold wedding bands to create something new that will celebrate their memories. Because of her love for roses, she always envisioned to have a … Continue reading "Rose Brooche Pin"

Custom Wedding band

Custom wedding band made in Palladium personalized with inside engraving. The band has a flat bottom for an extra comfort fit. Wedding band is in silky grey Palladium metal and has special message in Slovak engraved inside. Matte finish on the center part of the band adds an extra depth. Band has a custom flat … Continue reading "Custom Wedding band"

Birthstone Ring

A Custom Mothers ring made from 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver. This ring was created to showcase all the children's and grandchildren's birthstones. The arms of the ring are in the shape of a Pitch Fork symbol, inspired by the Arizona State University Sun Devils Mascot, the university that all family members graduated from.

Mother’s Necklace

Custom necklace with the letter 'S' symbol which is the first letter of her daughter. Made out of Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold accents and a brilliant black diamond.

Crown of Thorns

Custom 2.5 in Sterling Silver Cross accented with 18k Yellow Gold. These gold accents include a Crown of Thorns located on top of the cross, gold rope bounding the arms of the cross together and three gold nails at the ends of the cross arms and bottom of the cross. The Cross also includes a 38 in long Sterling Silver chain with toggle clasp and a small security chain.

Florae Birthday Gift Set

Birthday Gift of Florae jewelry set consisting of a pearl of wisdom ring, Florae stud earrings and a Florae cuff. Made out of 14k Yellow Gold bezel that hugs the pearls on the stud earrings and cuff. Total of 9 Sterling silver petals are featured on the earrings while the cuff has white diamonds added for an extra sparkle.