The Sway jewelry collection is an ode to the whimsical world of water, ocean and its many moods. From the crashing waves on shore, or under a cliff where mermaids live in blissful harmony with nature. And just as we're drawn into these magical worlds that only exist via song (or maybe stories), there's no telling what treasures await around every corner. 

I love how calm water makes us feel. The feeling of peace that comes with swimming in calm water is something we can't put into words. The gentle swaying waves, the cool breeze on your skin and imagining what lies beneath all make for an experience like no other!

Sway is the water spirit’s song and Mother Nature’s calling of the Mermaids. Sirens playing and swimming in the sea, lure us with their magical sounds while they harness natures power. This power of a woman is demonstrated as she weathers the storms.

When you step into the depth of ocean, it is like being in a whole other world. The waves sway from side to side and flow with an unending patience that can't help but make your heart soar as well! Imagine being in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and letting its magic wash over you..