I believe that jewelry is a statement of self-expression, a poetic way to manifest one’s authenticity. I started Michaela Farkasovska Fine Jewelry in 2016 to help my customers design bespoke jewelry and find a way to repurpose their sentimental heirlooms and translate their stories, their experiences and convictions into jewelry that uniquely represents them. It is with this belief that each piece tells a story that is as unique as you. There are no alike diamonds and everyone of us is different with our own special relationships and modern day love stories. 

Custom means Custom, One of a kind for You.

I take a tailored approach to each single Customer because your vision deserves undivided attention. I will work with you through a proven design process and explain every step and educate you along the way. It is important to me that you have an opportunity to choose the extent of the role you would like to play in during the process of sketching ideas, choosing the right stone and selecting the setting.

Honest approach

It is important to me that the custom design process is interactive one and that I provide transparent, experienced input so you are informed and are given honest feedback. This way the final design is both brilliant and one that you truly desire. 

Sustainable Practice

I am committed to using recycled metals from legitimate suppliers and work with gemstone dealers that are transparent with origin and practices of the mine operations. Also, my job is to help you to make educated decisions about offering options that are right for you. 

Local Small Business, Big Heart with focus on craft

Every piece is created with attention to detail and care, hand finished in my studio in San Jose, California. That means that love and care goes into each piece to be adorned for many years to come. I am proud to be making all the pieces and working with local casting vendors. With your purchase you are not only supporting small business but also helping the local economy.