What metals should I choose?

Choice of metal is each customer’s preference. I am happy to make custom design from most of the precious metal choices.
  • Sterling Silver
  • 14kt Yellow, White and Rose Gold
  • 18kt Yellow, White and Rose Gold
  • Platinum

Can you use my old gold wedding band to make a custom piece for me?

Yes. I am happy to recycle old precious metal jewelry towards credit on the new custom project. The value will differ based on the provided jewelry and current metal prices. Although there are limitations to what can be cast, I will do my best to use the exact gold you provide in your custom project. 

Can you use heirloom diamond or gemstone to create custom piece?

Yes but there are limitations. Gemstones on a harder scale are preferred and to make sure that the final design meets your expectation, we will together inspect gemstone’s quality.

A small fee is assessed for the intricate removal of gems and diamonds from your existing jewelry.  

How much does custom design cost?

I am working against your budget preferences. But because of the design process and time invested, most of the custom designs start at $450 and vary dependent on the precious metal choice.

Do you have a store or can I see your jewelry in person?

Currently I have jewelry available online and do not have a traditional showroom or retail store. I have plans to place my products in consignment stores and galleries. I will certainly communicate any future stores when you may be able to view my products in person. Meanwhile, this website provides an accurate representation of my products and I am very experienced in working with customers remotely. 

How long does it take to make a custom piece?

Lead time for a custom design would vary dependent on how complex the piece is. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a full custom design process. Design, sourcing, stone setting, fabrication and finishing takes longer than an item from my collection.

Can you make small changes to a piece that you have on your site?

The Sterling Silver pieces cannot be modified but most of my pieces are made to order and I can customize it to your preference. 

What is the difference in processing time for product in stock and made to order?

All products that are in stock can be shipped 2-3 days after the receipt of your order. Once shipped, you will receive confirmation that the order is sent.

All products that are made to order will ship approximately 10-15 business days after the receipt of your order. Once shipped, you will receive confirmation that the order is sent. 

Find more information in Shipping Information