1. Artist Statement

My passion is to create meaningful fine jewelry that embodies customer’s Modern Day Love Stories they will cherish for generations. The sources of my design inspirations come from the intricate snowflake shapes of freshly fallen snow, the allure of clean geometric shapes from the Art Deco combined with the modern romantic, flowing Art Nouveau historic eras. Whether it is custom design or my collection of ready to order fine jewelry, my aim is to express life’s tender beauty.

I truly believe that for artists to be successful in capturing life’s moment, they must have a personal connection and emotional investment in the creation process and ultimately the final design.  I love the personal connection with my clients and the iterative design process from hand drawn sketches and renderings to the computer-generated 3D designs, to the wax moldings, hand finishing and setting to the final custom-made fine jewelry.
I am honored to be able to turn precious metals and stones into meaningful jewelry that gives people joy, comfort, strength and love during important life events and everyday moments for years to come.

- Michaela Farkasovska


 2. Biography

Michaela was born in Zvolen and raised in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, a small town located between the stunning Tatra Mountain Ranges. For Michaela, her hometown remains one of the most beautiful places in the world with its rolling hills, gorgeous mountain peaks, and striking panoramic colors. Her passionate connection and love for Mother Nature played an important role in her childhood. Also, being an outdoor sports enthusiast, she competed in many events including on the Slovakia National Alpine Ski Team.     

Since she can remember, she has been fascinated by art and its History.  She attended art evening classes during High School years where she was encouraged to pursue her love for Picasso’s style of bold shapes and colors in her paintings. Michaela had a very loving and influential relationship with her grandfather, who was also an amazingly skilled, self-taught craftsman working with many types of wood and metals. 

He too had a vast love for nature and wildlife, reflected in his work in hand engraved and sculpted details in hand made furniture and wildlife sculptured shaped by chasing repousse. All these influences played a vital role in her inspiration. Combing her passion for Cubism and Art Nouveau Eras, she transforms these influences into designs that carry elements from both of these eras, flowing sculptural as well as geometric designs.

After earning an M.B.A and working many years in the business world, she decided to follow her grandfather’s path and passion for creating artwork inspired by nature. Upon moving to the West Coast in 2016, she attended and graduated from the Revere Academy Jewelry Technician Program in San Francisco. In addition, she earned a 3D-Design certification which allows her to combine the latest jewelry design technology with traditional goldsmith techniques to create bespoke heirloom jewelry to be cherished for generations. 

For more information about Custom design process, please visit the FAQ or contact me directly.