Learn how to clean jewelry, treat it and store it properly too:

  • Avoid contact with chlorine.
  • Remember to remove jewelry before entering the hot tub or pool and when cleaning with chemicals
  • Store your jewelry in separate pouches to prevent scratches on the gemstones
  • Inspect your jewelry for loose gemstones and have it cleaned regularly

Gold, Platinum

  • Care & Cleaning: You can hand wash gold and platinum in warm water with mild detergent and use a soft brush. Avoid using chemicals or harsh cleaners like toothpaste. 

Sterling Silver

  • Wear: Sterling silver does tarnish under normal conditions and especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur. However, sterling silver that is regularly worn typically needs less care. We encourage you to wear your piece every day.
  • Care & Cleaning: Hand-washing sterling silver in warm water with mild detergent and soft brush is recommended. Dry immediately to avoid spotting and buff gently with a soft cloth. When polishing sterling silver use a polishing cloth to retain the shiny look. You can store sterling silver  in air-tight zip log bags to prevent tarnishing.

Please contact me if I can help or advise you on how to clean your jewelry or discuss refinishing of your jewelry.